RESEARCH PAPER – Pop-Punk Subcultures

DECEMBER 4, 2019
Although punk-rock began emerging in the mid-70s, the subgenre of “pop-punk” didn’t come into view until closer to the 80s. The genre is commonly defined as “punk rock music that includes the musical elements common to the genre pop” (Micky, 2019). While punk is immediately associated with angst and self-expression, it’s subgenre and cultures embrace its origins within lyrics while contradicting it among an upbeat track; although pop-punk is a direct branch off from punk, the community and cultures associated are very different.
The Maine - The Mirror Tour 3

The Maine Rocks the Phoenix Concert Theatre

NOVEMBER 23, 2019
Members of the 8123 community’s excitement began to grow this spring with the release of its creators, Arizona-rock band The Maine’s, seventh album You Are OK. From there, followers were left with cryptic messages from the band before eventually announcing “The Mirror Tour Experience.

Things to Do in Toronto this Holiday Season

NOVEMBER 15, 2019
Toronto has grown even more as an entertainment hotspot in recent years and that doesn’t stop when the weather drops. While the city’s popular iHeartRadio Jingle Ball may not be returning this season, there’s still many holiday themed Christmas concerts to enjoy.

JOURNAL RESPONSE – Fan Girl By Paul Jarrett

OCTOBER 6, 2019
I decided to analyze the 2015 ABC Spark film Fan Girl directed by Paul Jarrett. It follows high school student Telulah Farrow as she navigates trying to put together her final project for her film class and following her favourite band, All Time Low. Although she wants nothing more than to go to film school after graduation, her love for the band and their lead singer Alex cause her to run into roadblocks on the way. With the help of her best friend Jamie and project partner Darvan, a repeating senior, she ends up being able to not only get up close and see the band live but entering her film in a high-ranking festival at the end of the schoolyear.


SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

A day in the life with Toronto rapper, Ricky Balboa.